The surfer from Cascais got her leash stuck in the rocks, having been able to avail herself of the prompt help of several people who were close to the place where everything happened.

The day was a gala in Ribeira d’Ilhas, stage of MEO Vissla Pro Ericeira, but was also inevitably marked by the incident involving Teresa Bonvalot.

In the last heat of the journey, still the battery was in its initial phase, Teresinha experienced moments of maximum tension in the area that is popularly known as the ‘ali nanny’ area in Ribeira, which is full of rocks.

Bonvalot was left with the leash stuck in the rocks, having been helped by several people who were close to the place where everything happened. Fortunately, everything ended well and with a remarkable warrior spirit, the surfer from Cascais, who celebrated 22 springs this Thursday, quickly returned to the water to resume the duel against the Hawaiian Luana Silva, who came out defeated.

In the end, already on land and visibly moved, the Portuguese surfer spoke to the microphones of the World Surf League (WSL) about the scare experienced. “I was between the rocks and luckily I managed to get out. I got stuck with the leash. It was very complicated and I’m lucky to be well. On top of that, I’m my birthday today, so it’s a birthday present to be well,” said the athlete who defended the colors of the National Surfing Team at the Olympic Games in Tokyo’2020.

As for the analysis of her performance, Teresa Bonvalot was clear. “”I know I tried my best. Unfortunately it wasn’t my time to win, but next time I know I’ll be even stronger,” she concluded.

The three-time national surf Open champion closed her participation in MEO Vissla Pro Ericeira in ninth place, having achieved her best performance so far on the Challenger Series circuit.

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