The 2021 world circuit did not start in the best way. After the opening day of the Pipe Masters, which took place last Wednesday, the Hawaiian race has now been suspended, after several WSL staff members tested positive for Covid-19. Among those infected is the CEO himself, Erik Logan.

Thus, WSL announced during the night that the race was suspended, since the security protocol was activated to protect the health of everyone involved, including staff and athletes.

It remains to be seen what will follow the suspension of the Pipe Masters, whether the cancellation or the later return of the action.

WSL guarantees that it is working with the Hawaiian health authorities to understand the next step to be taken safely. All the people who tested positive were put in isolation until they tested negative, and they are already establishing all the contacts that these people had in the last days. Still, WSL guaranteed to believe that no athlete has been exposed to this outbreak.

This is not the first incident to affect the start of WCT 2021. The inaugural leg of the women’s circuit, the Maui Pro, had been put on stand by earlier in the week after a surfer was bitten by a shark in Honolua Bay and having lost his life following the incident.

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