Cascais has open beaches and surf is on again

City hall decides to reopen public spaces for physical exercise. Distance and mask remain mandatory.

From 6pm on Tuesday, walks on the beach and surfing on the municipality’s beaches are allowed again. The municipality decided to reopen these public areas, closed in January with the increase of restrictions enacted throughout the country, to allow the resumption of physical activity in these areas.

According to a chart of measures shared on social networks by the Mayor of Cascais, Carlos Carreiras, staying on the beach will not be allowed, limiting the presence on the beach to the duration of physical activity. During the same, it is mandatory to maintain the physical distance between people – minimum of two meters.

On the side walk the rules will be the same: mandatory distance and wearing a mask, with respect for the meanings of circulation, designed to maintain the separation between the people who frequent the space, still necessary.

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