Vasco Ribeiro could already be champion in Praia Grande!

The Allianz Sintra Pro, fourth and penultimate stage of the MEO Surf 2021 League, the main surfing competition in Portugal and the one that defines the national champions of the sport, has a call scheduled for 7:00 am this Friday. The race will start with the realization of the men’s trials, continuing with round 1 of the men’s board and, later, round 1 of the women’s board.

Race sequence – 1st day of competition (subject to change)

– Screening phase – Male (4 heats)

– Round 1 – Men (16 heats)

– Round 1 – Female (8 heats)

After being considered the stage of the year in 2020, by direct vote of the surfers themselves, this year Allianz Sintra Pro presents itself with a decisive character, as it can define the men’s national title. After winning at Praia Grande last year, Vasco Ribeiro returns to this stage at the top of the ranking and only depends on him to stamp the fifth national title on his resume in advance. At stake will also be the titles of the Allianz Triple Crown, which has in Sintra the last of three stops.

Requirements for Vasco Ribeiro to be national champion in advance at Allianz Sintra Pro:

– If you win the stage, you are the national champion;

– If you reach the final and Afonso Antunes does not win the stage;

– If you reach the semi-finals and Afonso Antunes does not reach the semi-finals;

– If they reach the quarter-finals, Afonso Antunes does not reach the quarter-finals and Tomás Fernandes, Guilherme Ribeiro or Guilherme Fonseca do not win the stage

It is also worth remembering the fact that, in Praia Grande, Vasco Ribeiro and Carolina Mendes compete with the status of yellow lycra, as leaders in the ranking of the MEO Surf 2021 League.

Although forecasts point to small seas, all the spices have been gathered to make the Allianz Sintra Pro a championship of strong emotions.

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