Measure had already been carried out on the beaches of Barcelona last summer.

The city of Barcelona set the tone last summer by banning people from smoking on beaches. Now, all of Spain is following suit, preparing to be the first European country to completely ban smoking on all beaches in the territory. The news is reported by one of the biggest newspapers in the neighboring country, “El País”.

The experience carried out on the beaches of Barcelona had a positive acceptance among citizens, so the measure will now extrapolate throughout the country. There is still no set date for the application of this new law, although it is likely that it will come into force as early as next summer.

This is a measure that aims to combat pollution on the beaches of Spain, where cigarette butts are a major source of pollution. Although not much is known specifically about this new law, the Spanish media advance that the fines for those caught smoking on the beach can reach up to 2,000 euros.

All over Europe, laws against smoking on the beach already exist, although Spain was the first country to want to ban tobacco from all beaches. In some areas of France there are also laws in this regard. In Portugal, for example, the fight against the pollution of butts is done through the distribution of portable and reusable ashtrays on some of the beaches on our coast.

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