News Container ship carrying Chemicals and 2.000 cars Sinks Into Ocean

A massive ship containing toxic materials, luxury cars, and various other cargo capsized this Tuesday near La Rochelle. Now, France is preparing for a large oil slick to hit the coastline.

The incident began this Sunday, when Grande America, a container vessel caught fire during its trip from Hamburg to Casablanca. An investigation will be opened to determine the cause of the fire, but as of now, the source is unknown. It is currently believed that the fire initially broke out on the car deck and then spread throughout the ship, but it is unclear how the fire originated.

The cause of the fire is unknown but is believed to have broken out on the car deck before spreading to a container. Luckily, all 27 crew members on the ship were rescued, but the sinking of the ship caused 2,200 tons of fuel to be spilled into the ocean.

Authorities say that they are working hard to mitigate the potential environmental damage from the incident.

“There is a risk, so we must do everything to reduce it and to reduce the impact of pollution of our coasts,” Environment Minister François de Rugy said.

French environmental activists say that they will be filing a criminal complaint about the spill so a proper investigation can be done. The oil and fuel alone spilled in the incident could cause significant damage, as a 6 mile wide oil slick is expected to reach northwestern France.

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