Carcavelos Beach will host the 2019 Perfect Chapter

The Perfect Chapter, surf event that takes place on the best wave day of the Portuguese winter, will once again have place in Carcavelos Beach, in the 2019-20 edition. The return to the beach that saw the birth of surfing in Portugal occurs 4 years after the last edition on that beach of Cascais Municipality, in 2015.

The choice fell on Carcavelos Beach as it is one of the beaches in Portugal with the greatest propensity to form barrels. It is also an ex-libris of Portuguese surf, having hosted the first national surfers, the first competitions, stages of national and world circuits.  

The waiting period of the Perfect Chapter runs until 31 January. The championship is focused on the barrels, queen maneuver of the surf. The organization constantly analyzes the weather conditions to choose the ideal day for the formation of powerful and tubular waves.

The sixteen participating surfers are chosen by the public through online voting. They are the best national and international athletes in tubular conditions. Will be announced in early November, during the launch of the race.

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