Frederico Morais became national champion for the third time in his career, by guaranteeing his presence in the final of the fifth and final stage of the Portuguese league, which ended up winning, at Guincho beach, in Cascais.

After raising the national scepter in 2013 and 2015, ‘Kikas’, the only Portuguese surfer to compete in the world circuit of the sport, beat at the semi-finals his compatriot Vasco Ribeiro, who was also fighting for the championship, as well as Afonso Antunes, the leader at the final round.

On the 11th time that they faced off in a heat of just two surfers, Frederico Morais, with 13.50 points collected, made use of his experience, surpassing Vasco Ribeiro, four times champion, who added 10.65.

In the final, ‘Kikas’ again prevailed, this time on Luis Perloiro, also with a record of 13.50 points, against the opponent’s 11.15.

On the women’s side, the Portuguese Teresa Bonvalot, who left for the stage in Guincho with the third national scepter, after the successes in 2014 and 2015, closed the race with a victory in the final, against Gabriela Dinis.

The list of the National Champions is the follow:
2020 – Frederico Morais and Teresa Bonvalot
2019 – Miguel Blanco and Yolanda Hopkins
2018 – Miguel Blanco and Camilla Kemp
2017 – Vasco Ribeiro and Carolina Mendes
2016 – Pedro Henrique and Carolina Mendes
2015 – Frederico Morais and Teresa Bonvalot
2014 – Vasco Ribeiro and Teresa Bonvalot
2013 – Frederico Morais and Carina Duarte
2012 – Vasco Ribeiro and Maria Abecasis
2011 – Vasco Ribeiro and Maria Abecasis
2010 – Justin Mujica and Francisca Santos

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